Sunday, 24 June 2012

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Monday, 18 June 2012

The Good Food Show

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it previously but 'The Man' is very much a foodie.....and I am very much not! However as I am such an A-mazing girlfriend I managed to win him tickets to visit The Good Food Show from Cheryl at Madhouse Family Reviews!

On Sunday we duly trotted off to Birmingham (with a very grumpy child) to visit the show. It was so much fun, if very, very busy!! Chick tried all manner of amazing stuff......I'm still unsure about the blue ice cream though:

There were some amazing stalls including some gorgeous food and drinks but we'd stupidly decided to drive so I didn't get to sample any alcohol! Note to self: for the winter show, leave child at home and catch the train!! It sounds ridiculous but because it was so busy I couldn't get any pictures of all the glorious food without getting people's heads in the way! I did treat myself to some goodies to make myself feel better about my impending birthday, including this:

There were also the kitchen shows. Over in the MasterChef kitchen we saw this years winner Shelina cooking with celebrity MasterChef winner Lisa Falkener:

We also saw the Gods of MasterChef themselves John and the lovely Gregg:

I'm not sure that my man was entirely impressed once I told him that I thought Gregg was a bit of alright! Gregg is bald and a foodie.....not really sure what 'The Man's' problem is......   I may have told Twitter this and look what I got back:

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Adventures with Roald Dahl

At the weekend we had plans to go to Oxfordshire and watch my little Bro in a Triathlon, in the fabulous grounds of Blenheim Palace. As we were down that way, I talked Chick & Nick into visiting the Roald Dahl museum in Great Missenden in Buckinghamshire where Roald lived for 30-something years.

It isn't that big but it was reasonably priced and we all enjoyed it. Even from the outside it looks awesome:

Inside there was lots of dressing up:

Brilliant!! As you can imagine also lots of fab storytelling idea stations and Roald story related exhibits:

I'd noticed on the website that Cafe Twit sold Bruce Bogtrotter Chocolate cake which looked amazing. Sadly by the time we got around to eating there wasn't any left so we had to make do with this instead:

Continuing the theme of having such a tough life (lol) we then visited the sweetie shop handily positioned opposite:

It years since I've been to an old fashioned sweet shop but we managed to be quite restrained!! 

On Sunday we got up at ridiculous o'clock to drive to Blenheim to watch Nick compete. He started off really well but unfortunately had an incident with his chain during the bike leg and ended up having to push his bike for 4 miles! So annoying but he did it and we're sooo proud of him :-)

That left us with just enough time to pop to Anne Hathaway's cottage in Stratford upon Avon on the way home:

What a brilliant weekend!