Sunday, 8 January 2017

Dot Com Gift Shop Christmas/Sale

Before Christmas the lovely people at the dotcomgiftshop asked if I would like to choose some things from their site. They sent me a voucher and let me choose whatever I wanted. I was already a fan so obviously said yes of course. I love that the goods they have are quirky or slightly different and the toys are traditional and very cool. 

I spent my voucher on lots of lovely things for O for Christmas. First up this gorgeous retro alarm clock:

Retro Style Alarm Clock £8.95 (some styles are currently in the sale at £3.95)

She absolutely loved this and was thrilled that I chosen it. My motives (although I haven'r mentioned it to her) were slightly different as I thought if she had a funky alarm clock she would have no excuse for keeping her phone right next to her bed at night!!

As we were going to California for Christmas, I also chose a luggage tag as she didn't have one and a matching journal so that she could keep a written account of our travels. These are so cool with the world map on and O absolutely loved them:

Luggage Tag £3.95
Journal £6.95

I really liked the quality of both of these. The journal has a hardback cover and good quality paper and the luggage tag is really hard wearing. I think that these make a lovely gift.

O and her Auntie JoJo both have a thing about Flamingo's so when I spotted this funky lunch bag I couldn't resist! For some reason O is always misplacing lunch boxes and bags and again this is really good quality and a decent size so she can fit in juice and fruit too:

Flamingo lunch bag £3.95

I'm not sure about all teenage girls but mine loves anything beauty related so nail varnish is always something that's a treat and these highlighters even more so:

Nail highlighters £4.95

If you get a chance or are looking for something different then do head on over to the website. They have a great sale going on at the moment so you may even bag yourself a bargain!!

The dotcomgiftshop sent me a £30 voucher to spend on whatever I wanted to as disclosed above. All thoughts and opinions are my own along with my own choices of goods.

Friday, 16 September 2016

The Sandwich Generation and Self-Care

Following on from my post yesterday, there's some interesting research going on with people like me called the 'sandwich generation'. The ‘Sandwich Generation’ - originally coined by social worker Dorothy Miller in 1981 - describes those who are “sandwiched” between looking after young children and aging parents, as their primary caregiver. This is a growing group as families are having children later and seniors are living longer. This is certainly true for me and apparently lots of other people in this 40-60 age group.

ABDO commissioned media agency, the Relations Group, to interview 2,000 members of the ‘Sandwich Generation’, asking them about how they look after their own health, that of their parents and their children. The research found that looking after their eyes was a key area that was sacrificed due to lack of time, with 7 per cent having not been to the optician for a staggering nine years or more.

As many as 1 in 6 (16 per cent) say they don’t have enough time to spend on their own health, while a quarter (24 per cent) are most likely to go to the optician for their child and 2 per cent for their parents, over themselves.

This again is very true for me. We’ve recently been doing some resilience training at work and the thing that stood out the most for me from the training was that the person I look after the least is me. I’m sure that the statistics above ring true not just for Parents but certainly for us in the sandwich generation. I’m very aware that I need to work on this

To find out more about looking after your eyes follow the link here.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, words and opinions are mine but statistics were shared from ABDO.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Giving Back - Alzheimer's Society

I have a special place in my heart for the Alzheimer's Society and suspect that I now always will. My Grandma was diagnosed about 8 years ago and as she has deteriorated over the years, myself, Mum and Auntie have become carers to try and enable my Grandma to remain in her own home.

With much love and hard work we have so far (touch wood) managed to keep her there. Over the last couple of years I've been keen to try and give something back but with uni, caring duties, a full time job and a family it can be difficult to find the time.

I did over the year however manage to do a couple of things. First off volunteering at the Nottingham Memory Walk. I (very naively) had NO idea how emotional the day was going to be. My volunteer duty was to man the 'memory tag' stand. This involved giving people tags and pens to write out a tag like this:

This genuinely made me sob!! I actually spent so much of the day in tears! The idea of the memory tags is that they all hang together on this amazing tree:

It truly is a beautiful thing. There are sad memories, happy memories and all of those in between that make up people's lives.

I also managed to fit in a little swim around Lake Windermere and raised £565 for the Alzheimer's Society which I was really please with. This is me just out of the water with my medal:

The next fundraising mission on my list is to complete the Clumber Park Memory Walk on the 1st October. If you would like to help out in any way you can sponsor our team here:

or to find out more about memory walks near you then please click here

Now wondering what my next challenge should be................. Any ideas??

Disclosure: I haven't been asked to do this by the Alzheimer's Society and am certainly not being paid for it. It's just a charity that's very close to my heart!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

(A very short) Catch Up

So it's been a while........ As most of you know, I'm sure, I've spent the last 2 years studying for a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. Along with working full time, trying to raise decent human beings and caring for Grandma so my poor blog has taken something of a backseat. I'm hoping though now that this has happened, I'll be around a bit more:

I'm so excited and relieved to have finally passed :)