Thursday, 4 February 2016

The End of Summer

With all of my recent ‘back to school’ posts I feel that Summer has ended before it even began!! As I’ve mentioned previously, I was ill for most of the Summer and felt like we hadn’t done very much at all, but then today I was looking back over my pictures trying to find something and actually we did get some stuff done. Chick learnt some new Circus skills and went ‘canoeing’:

We spent some time with the people that we love:

Did our annual jaunt down to Norfolk (remembering to renew our breakdown cover this year!!) and camped out under the stars:

Enjoyed some sunshine and blue skies:

Saw a gorgeous sunset with my man at the cabin:

Now the new term has started, I’m back at work and missing my family but at least we have Paris to look forward too. How did you spend your Summer??

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Great North Swim and my First Training Sessions

As you know, last year I started a fab new hobby.....lake swimming. Now, I'm not the fastest but I absolutely love it. I'm also sure you know by now my lovely Grandma has been suffering with Alzheimer's for the last few years. One of forty before forty things is to do some work for charity. I did some voluntary work with the Alzheimer's Society at their Nottingham Memory Walk which was fabulous but very emotionally draining (blog post to follow).

To combine these two awesome things I've signed up to the Great North Swim and will be trying to raise as much as possible for the Society on behalf of my lovely Grandma:

With this is mind I have already started training. I've managed to swim a mile in the pool (OMG it's so far!!) and I also managed to get out into the open water for 15 minutes for my January swim:

The water was a rather chilly 4 degrees but I managed it and it was lovely apart from the numb feet! I'll keep you updated on progress and sponsorship details :)

Bingo:- One of my favourite pastimes!

There’s no doubt about the fact that a mother’s life is always a busy one. It doesn't matter whether you are working or staying at home. All that matters is how you are taking control of your responsibilities along with having a fun filled and adventurous life.

Just identify your me time and do something refreshing, for you to have more zest and energy throughout the rest of the day. One such relaxing activity which I like to do is play bingo. As it a great choice for a mum like me who has an hour or so to spare. When I am waiting for my girl to come out of school or even while traveling, I can easily spare some time for myself and play a game of bingo. Yes, bingo is just a click away with the emergence of mobile technology!

 Of course, it’s not very convenient to enjoy longer sessions of bingo while spending time with my kids, but I can certainly schedule out smaller sessions as it is entertaining and relaxing at same time. One of my favourite site which runs around the clock and also offers free bingo games and attractive deals is New Look Bingo. So whenever I need some time off, I can just sign in and start playing my favourite game. In addition to this, online bingo is a great portal for socializing and if you fancy it the way I do, then it can be great stress buster for you. All you have to do is enter the particular chat room connected to the game you’re playing and interact with the other like minded players available online.

There cannot be a better option than online bingo, if you are looking for a thrilling and effortless time. Just sign in and try it out for yourself! 

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Blogging round up........or lack thereof.....

I've been so slack at blogging this year it's been unbelievable. Mainly due to all of my available time being sucked up by university and work. Instead of a 'look at what I've already told you about' round up this is more of a 'look at what I didn't get around to blogging about in 2015!! Happy New Year :)

Seeing in the new year with two of my favourite girls

February saw me on a date night with the Leicester Riders!

 In March I finally got my 2014 Christmas present which was a trip to the Northampton Shoe Museum and the most FANTASTIC gig I've ever been to with the Quireboys.

April saw my lovely Nat's hen do and us staying in the most amazing house:

May found us in Cornwall for the first time:

June found us back at the seaside but this time in Norfolk:

This is getting silly now but July also found me at the beach.....

erm.......and August:

In September we fancied a bit of a change so went to the Lakes instead......

October was immense and not only did we go to the City of Love but my Chick also got to hang out at the most magical place on earth for Halloween:

December was long and busy but I'm sure you can guess where we ended it.....

All the best for an amazing 2016. Much love x