Tuesday 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

If I were to describe myself, I probably wouldn't use the word romantic, however I seem to have been infected by some weird kind of Valentines bug!! I'm blaming it on the fact that although I have received Valentine cards and presents before I've never really done the whole Valentine thing of meals and being romantic. 

This year I am finally going to be that girl. you know....the one you look at and think get a grip woman!!! I have a man who loves me and I'm going to make the most of it and be a great, soppy romantic tart: 

When I was young I remember my Mum had this cushion that said 'Love is.......holding hands as you drop off to sleep together'. I don't know why I keep thinking about that this week but for me........

 Love is......'The Man' sitting in the hospital with me and holding Chick's hand and stroking her hair for hours on end whilst she was ill.

Love is......Coming home from work to find that he's put together my new table and chairs instead of having a lie-in.

Love is......The Man making me laugh every single day.

Love is......him meeting my lovely but crazy family and pretending not to be bothered by how extensive the family is.

Love is......the fact that he makes me a very happy girl.

Happy Valentines Day!
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