Saturday 17 March 2012

Making Memories

This week Chick went on an adventure with the school. They went off to Norfolk for two nights and three days, with more clothes than they could ever wear, secret teddies stashed away so their friends didn't know and think they were baby-ish (even though they all had them!!) and plenty of chocolate for midnight feasts. This is them waiting to get going:

Chick arrived home last night looking like she had never been introduced to soap or water and with an apparent chest infection!!! On the plus side she has chattered about it non-stop. Telling me about learning archery, the bunk beds, how bossy all the other girls are (!!!), climbing the low ropes, how she didn't sleep a wink!! This has pretty much been her since she got back:

Obviously having that much fun is completely exhausting!

Seeing as Chick was away having a good time, The Man and I decided to go away too. We went to The Cotswolds to a  beautiful place called Bourton on the Water. It is one of the cutest places ever! The only downside was the was sodding freezing the whole time we were there!!

Even with the rubbish English weather we managed to eat, drink,shop and be merry! We also visited another place not far away called Broadway. It's super cute and has some lovely shops. The Man had asked me on the way there if I'd heard of a Painter called Thomas Kinkade, which I had but only knew him for those dodgy Christmas ornaments that light up and are definitely not to my taste!!! I wasn't expecting to like any of his work at all but we went to his gallery in Broadway to have a nosey anyway:

I cannot begin to tell you how AMAZING his paintings are. The sign says that he is a 'painter of light' but the pictures are just unbelievable!! Even on the website they don't look like my kind of thing but when they are in front of you they are awesome!

One of my favourite ones was a Christmas version and we've said that when if ever we move in together then we'll buy it as a housewarming present to each other! I kind of have high hopes of getting a miniature one before then though.....hopefully one like this....

(I know that it looks really cheesy but I like it!!) I'm sure I could find a nice little corner to hang it in!!

As lovely as it was to both be away having adventures and making amazing memories, for the rest of the weekend I'm going to hug my girl and make up for the three days I missed out on this week. Have a great weekend whatever you may be doing!
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