Thursday 13 December 2012

Christmas Gift Wrapping with John Lewis

As most of you probably know I'm lucky enough to have a lovely working relationship with John Lewis and so whenever they have fun stuff going on in store they tend to invite me. With Christmas being just around the corner they gave me an option of Christmas Master Classes and I decided to go with the wrapping one. In my head I know exactly how beautiful I want my presents to look but it never works out quite as I imagined!

  I actually didn't take that many pictures because I was too busy asking questions and being nosy!! The first tip for awkward shaped presents is to put them in a box and make life easier for yourself!

Tip 2 - Use sharp scissors to cut the paper

Tip 3 - Sellotape the paper to the box to keep it in place:

Tip 4 - Use double sided tape as it looks so much neater

Tip 5 - Cut off the excess paper which then leads to to tip number 6.....neat, straight edges:

(remember double sided tape!!)

Once neatly wrapped, cut the ribbon to six times the size of the side of the box and start it on the front on the present:

Tie the ribbon into a bow and cut the ends to make it look fancy. If you have any ribbon left over then tie another bow, take a piece of ribbon and tie under the bow to make neat and prominent. Your finished item should look something like this:

After all the excitement of the gift wrapping, I had a wander around the store to get some inspiration for our Christmas day. I only wish I had enough room for a lovely table like this:

I also got a chance to talk to the Marketing Manager for the shiny and lovely Leicester branch and she was telling me that at the end of the Christmas season they a lot of the in-store decorations away to local charities. Mainly baubles like these:

If you live in the Leicestershire area and work for a charity or know of a charity that could use some of these Christmas decorations then please e-mail me and I'll pass along the details you need :-)

Merry Christmas!

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