Tuesday 1 January 2013

2012 a picture review

I have to be honest and say that I really haven't felt the Christmas and New Year festivities this year. I think maybe because both the man and girl were ill and we did a lot of travelling that it's all been a bit manic! When I think about it 2012 was an ok year but nothing special until I start looking back at my pictures and realise quite how much we went and saw this year......

January was obviously incredibly dull as I didn't take a single picture! Whoops! February saw one of my best friend's turn 30 and get engaged, birdwatching and hanging out with friends:

In March Chick went on a school trip:

So the man and I went to the Cotswolds:

In April, Chick and I went to Derbyshire for a couple of days:

May saw us in London for the Olympic Prepares series:

July and August were pretty sucky as I spent some time in hospital and then what seemed like ages recovering!

In September we jetted off to gay Paree:

October saw the very exciting arrival of my most beautiful Niece....

In November my little Chick turned 10 and the man baked her the most amazing cake:

December was obviously mainly about Christmas but we also had a side trip to Brighton and Choccywoccydoodah....yum!

What was the highlight of your year??

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