Monday 13 May 2013

Guides and the Community

I think I've mentioned before that Chick part of the Guides and absolutely loves it. On Saturday she completed a 7 and a half mile sponsored walk with the Guides to raise money for water in communities in Zambia (if anyone would like to sponsor her then please let me know :-) This is her at the half way point when I met her for lunch having already hiked through rain, sleet, hail and sunshine:

Yes she is looking very happy and proud of herself! She didn't look much different at the end either just much dirtier!

When I collected her she told me all about the day and then mentioned that she was a little disappointed that her 'team' had finished last. When I asked her 'why?' she said it was because she stayed at the back to walk with and encourage one of the smaller girls from the Brownies that has a learning disability and who was less able than the rest of the walkers who strode off in front.

We had a good chat about why she should be extra specially proud of herself and why looking after people will always be better than being a 'winner'. 

It's exactly this that I love about the Guides and why I'll encourage Chick to participate for as long as she is interested in it. I feel that Chick's generation is really missing out on a community spirit. We live in the ghetto and are surrounded by people who find life difficult and have drug or drink problems. Because of this we don't have the cohesive community spirit that I grew up with.

I think it says a lot about the strength of my girl that not only is she grown up and willing enough to do a long hike for charity but she also cares enough to help those that are different, slower, not as able as her and do it without being asked. I really hope that she continues in this vein as she grows up and away from me. 

What things do your children do that surprise you in a good way???

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