Wednesday 5 June 2013

(Almost) Ready to Move

Chick and I have lived in our current house for ten years. Although not ideal now it's been a brilliant house for us during this time. Just big enough for the two of us, a reasonable sized garden big enough to fit in the trampoline and paddling pool, close to town and the park (which was amazing before I passed my driving test!). Of course the downside to being close to town is all the noise of inebriated people passing by at silly o'clock.

Now that I'm with the Man and we have 3 children between us, we desperately need to move. His house is no good because it's too far away from all of my lovely friends and work, and mine is no good because we can't fit the 5 of us in the front room let alone to sleep!

The talk around here for weeks has been about moving. What kind of mortgage can we afford? Where do we want to live? What will our new house look like? I've started trying to declutter and pack non-essential in the hope that the perfect house will just fall into our lap! 

As I get older (not necessarily wiser!) I think that I would like to move back to a Village. 

I would like the kids to be able to play out in the Street without me worrying that they are going to get knocked down. 

I would like to actually talk to more than one neighbour and maybe even be wild and share a cuppa with them.

I'd like the kids to get a feeling of community which we just don't have in our current Street.

Chick would be able to love to walk or bike to school.

Mainly I crave the peace and quiet. How nice would it be to not hear incessant traffic?

What would your ideal house be like?

*This is a sponsored post but the words and all mine :-)

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