Monday 26 August 2013

The Herbert Museum, Coventry.

We were running around doing errands in the car the other day listening to the radio and heard an advert for an exhibition at the Herbert Museum in Coventry. The exhibition is called 'Through the Rabbit Hole' and is the original drawings/prints from Alice in Wonderland.

It was Mr.E's birthday weekend so after doing this yesterday:

We thought we'd take a trip to Coventry and check out the exhibition and maybe the Cathedral if we had time. It's quite expensive for the 5 of us to go anywhere so we normally take a picnic with us.....this was our view from the picnic spot:

Then we headed to the Museum, which is handily right next door to the Cathedral! It's a fab museum, bright and airy with loads of things to keep the kids occupied. I wish that we would've gone for the whole day but it just means we'll have to make a return visit. 

You aren't actually allowed to take pictures of the exhibitions but they provided a free quiz sheet for the kids to make the most of the exhibition and also had a creative 'Alice' room where we had lots of fun:

There was also a Quentin Blake exhibition so we got to look around that too. The best thing about the museum for me was that it was really kid friendly and it was also FREE! Always a bonus when you have three kids with you. The kids verdict? Well they would have spent all day outside the museum doing this:

My one tip would be to take a towel or change of clothes if the weather is nice! Definitely well worth a visit if you live in the area.

* I haven't been paid or asked to write this review but we had a lot of fun and wanted to recommend it to others :-)

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