Wednesday 30 October 2013

Bingo - abroad and at home!

Guest Post
Image by  Ed Yourdon 
Playing bingo isn’t something I’d ever done until a few months ago. It was a game I always knew about, but I have to admit I’d always thought of myself as being too young to play bingo – it being a game that my Gran and her friends used to play every week.

But while we were on holiday at one of those resort hotels where they have different activities planned for every afternoon, the kids persuaded me to join in the bingo game that was going on by the poolside. Without me, they couldn’t play, as the prize on offer was a bottle of champagne! So we each took a card and started listening out for our numbers. I was surprised how much fun it actually was, but I thought the sunshine and the sangria in my glass was more responsible than the game! None of us won, but it was fun anyway.
I thought nothing more about bingo until a little while after we’d got back to gloomy and rainy Britain, when I was flitting around the internet with no particular purpose. An ad caught my eye offering the chance to play free bingo – and I do love it when I can play a game for free that offers real cash as a prize – no matter how small the prize might be. So I gave it a try. You have to sign up to a bingo site to play the free games, but you don’t have to put money down to play on many of the bingo sites out there. If you play free bingo with Costa Bingo, you could even have the chance of winning a guaranteed £10,000 jackpot on its weekly Costa Crazy free game on a Friday night.

 And it turns out it wasn’t just the sun and sangria that made the game fun. Bingo is a great game when you want something that’s entertaining and easy to play. That’s exactly what I need when I’ve got the kids to bed and there’s nothing I want to watch on TV. When I don’t necessarily feel that I’ve got the energy to get any of my various craft projects out, it’s great to just login to one of the bingo sites and see what games are about to start. There’s always a game on somewhere, and you can often find other players to chat to in the bingo chat rooms – nice to have a game that you can share with others.

 The big plus of playing online is that the software marks the numbers off for you – so you don’t need to concentrate on the numbers, leaving you free to chat away at your leisure! And, of course, the prizes are much bigger and better than that bottle of champagne we didn’t win on holiday!
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