Monday 14 April 2014

Rock Choir at Wembley

So in my last post I said I had something completely awesome planned for the following weekend and I really did.......

I'm not sure that it's something I've talked about much here but I love to sing! It's not something that I'm good at and my daughter and the man tell me that I sound like a strangled cat but it's something that I love to do! Towards the end of last year there was a programme on the TV with Gareth Malone that was called something like 'the choir at work'. Now I love Gareth and made the man watch it with me. One night when we were watching it I was telling the man that I would love to join the choir. After much mirth and wiping of tears on his part, I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and do it.

My lovely friend Sandy over at Baby Baby is also a member so I got some info from her and the next day went along for my trial! The thing that attracted me to Rock Choir was the fun element and the fact that you don't have to audition unless you are after a solo part.

It is sooooooooo much fun. Each term we learn up to 3 different songs and hold various performances. I've did a couple of low key ones in the run up to Christmas and then when the new term started we were asked if we would like to sing at WEMBLEY during a rugby match!! I ummed and aahed about whether to go or not but as the man pointed out it's not every day you get to sing at Wembley. I took Chick with me and we met up with a friend when we were there.

This is me suddenly remembering just how big Wembley is and doing a quick jazz hands to pretend I'm not petrified:

This is pitch side as we were rehearsing:

I may also have 'met' Austin Healey! (He's very teeny!!):

I had some spectacular cheerleaders:

This is the BIG performance:

If you look very carefully I'm the person on the left hand side right at the back!! Eeeeeek super exciting and so AWESOME that I cannot even begin to tell you! I think I'd enjoy the rock star lifestyle :-)

Can't wait for our next big show which is at the Birmingham Symphony Hall in July with Toyah Wilcox!!! 

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