Saturday 23 August 2014

A pizza party with Domino's new Carnivale range

I always love a good email asking me if we would like to try out something that we already love. Chick, if she had her own way, would genuinely eat pizza for dinner every night so when I got an email asking if we would like to have a Domino's pizza party to celebrate their new Carnivale range I was all 'hell yeah'!

We decided to coincide the pizza party with a wedding party trying on session. Having duly tried on all of the dresses, which obviously look amazing, we had very long discussions about what we should order. With so many of us it took a while but in the end we went with......

Fiesta - Chicken breast strips, red onions, green & red peppers, seasoned with a fajita spice, with a drizzle of Mojito style dressing (although without the Mojito dressing as our local store had run out)

I have to say that this was amazing and by far my favourite of everything we ordered. It really did taste like chicken fajitas, it was lovely and spicy but not hot in anyway with fabulous juicy peppers!

Rio - Pulled Barbacoa beef, chipotle sauce, red onions, green & red peppers. We made this a double decadence:

The man preferred this one as he thought it was very tasty, the pulled beef was really nice and making any pizza a double decadence makes it really creamy and lovely.

Chick’s favourite is pepperoni so we went classic:

Always a good choice in my book J

This is us enjoying everything:

We also ordered some warm cookies but in our rush to eat them I may have inadvertently forgotten to take pictures! Whoops! In the party pack that Domino’s sent us there were also some very fetching moustache’s……….

What's your favourite topping??

Dominos sent us a £50 voucher to buy pizzas of our choice. We chose exactly what we wanted and all views are mine and the family’s J
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