Monday 18 May 2015

3D Chocolate Tree

So y'all know that I'm a big fan of companies emailing me to ask if I want to try out their products but I'm an even bigger fan when those products potentially involve chocolate or cake!! When the lovely folk from gave me free pick from their website, I was in my element!!

I would suggest that the only downside (if I had to find one) for this review would be that the website is ever so slightly clunky and that on some of the products there wasn't a size, for instance, on one of the rolling pins which makes it difficult to know if it's suitable for your needs or not. Some of the descriptions could also be slightly more detailed as I couldn't decide if the item I ordered came with a stand or not so ordered a second one unnecessarily.

That said there was a selection of choice and it took me ages to decide on which items I might like. As it was ever so slightly different, I chose a 3D tree mould which you can use for chocolate or biscuits (or both). The finished product looked least in my opinion :)

The mould is a pretty straightforward piece of kit:

I'm pretty sure this is still one of my favourite things to do even as an adult:

At this point it would've been useful to have a proper chocolate thermometer so that the chocolate could've been tempered instead of us trying to guess at the right temperature.....but that's my lack or organisation rather than a fault of the company. It would've also been less messy to have a proper funnel for the chocolate but it worked ok as The Man is quite talented and obviously you can eat the mess anyway:

Once this had chilled then started the fun job of construction. Again this was slightly messier than it needed to be but only because we hadn't tempered the chocolate as above:

I have to say that I think this is where the product came into its own. There was no problem at all getting the chocolate out of the moulds, which I was actually expecting to be really tricky, and each piece had its own tiny number so that you didn't have to figure out the size of each piece and where it needed to go. 

I really like that this product is ever so slightly different and a bit quirky, I think that we'll be using this to impress all of our guests for the next year at least. I'm very much looking forward to trying the biscuit tree next!!

As stated this product was sent to me by the lovely folk at I chose the product from a lovely selection of goods on the website and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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