Thursday 31 December 2015

Blogging round up........or lack thereof.....

I've been so slack at blogging this year it's been unbelievable. Mainly due to all of my available time being sucked up by university and work. Instead of a 'look at what I've already told you about' round up this is more of a 'look at what I didn't get around to blogging about in 2015!! Happy New Year :)

Seeing in the new year with two of my favourite girls

February saw me on a date night with the Leicester Riders!

 In March I finally got my 2014 Christmas present which was a trip to the Northampton Shoe Museum and the most FANTASTIC gig I've ever been to with the Quireboys.

April saw my lovely Nat's hen do and us staying in the most amazing house:

May found us in Cornwall for the first time:

June found us back at the seaside but this time in Norfolk:

This is getting silly now but July also found me at the beach.....

erm.......and August:

In September we fancied a bit of a change so went to the Lakes instead......

October was immense and not only did we go to the City of Love but my Chick also got to hang out at the most magical place on earth for Halloween:

December was long and busy but I'm sure you can guess where we ended it.....

All the best for an amazing 2016. Much love x
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