Thursday 4 February 2016

The End of Summer

With all of my recent ‘back to school’ posts I feel that Summer has ended before it even began!! As I’ve mentioned previously, I was ill for most of the Summer and felt like we hadn’t done very much at all, but then today I was looking back over my pictures trying to find something and actually we did get some stuff done. Chick learnt some new Circus skills and went ‘canoeing’:

We spent some time with the people that we love:

Did our annual jaunt down to Norfolk (remembering to renew our breakdown cover this year!!) and camped out under the stars:

Enjoyed some sunshine and blue skies:

Saw a gorgeous sunset with my man at the cabin:

Now the new term has started, I’m back at work and missing my family but at least we have Paris to look forward too. How did you spend your Summer??
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