Thursday 10 August 2017

Intu Derby and Bobble Art UK Party

As long time readers of this blog will know, I am a very lucky girl. I have a lovely family, an amazing (if stressful) job and I still get to travel, albeit not as much as I would like. However, most of the time when I'm invited to blogging things I'm too busy with work or caring responsibilities to attend. Luckily when Intu Derby contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if we would like to come along and enjoy their beach and hang out with the gorgeous guys from Bobble Art it was the week that we were off on holiday.

So, on Tuesday, off we went to the beach:

It's open every day from 10am - 4pm during the school holidays however to the disappointment of my kids you have to be under 110cm to enter! It's perfect rainy day fun though and if you're anything like me then at this point of the holidays you'll be needing some kind of inspiration!! There's also a Playmobil area and if you sign up to the kids club (under 7's) you get some free goodies!! Throw in some adventure golf or bowling and you have a full on day out planned safe from the rain!!

So much fun!! We were actually there as guests of Bobble Art:

Like me, you've probably never heard of them but they sell bags, stationery, lunch boxes and some lovely presents for kids as well as arts and crafts stuff. They are a huge Australian company but this is their first store in the UK and their stuff is just lovely. There was no girls or boys split and I wanted to spend a fortune!!

I really liked the stuff for boys but also the way the shop was set up so dinosaurs were naturally in with princess stuff which is exactly the way it should be!!  They even do arts and crafts birthday parties which is what our experience was based on. Considering our group had from babies to 14 year old's in the shape of Chick, they did really well. My guys spent the whole time colouring and making inflatable rockets:

These rockets were so cool. The come in a flat pack so that you can easily colour them and the inflate with a straw into the rocket. They were all really chuffed with the finished product:

There was also a rocket flying competition to see who could get their's the furthest. The winner would get a basket of sweets from The Treat Kitchen so Mr E managed to throw his out of the door of the shop and into the middle of the shopping centre!!

Haha! Could he be any more pleased with himself!!!

Me and Littlest got new tattoo's:

The kids also all got some amazing goodies relevant to their age:

Littlest who is 8 got a dinosaur lunch box, a dinosaur eraser (which he hasn't stopped pulling apart and reassembling in the last 24 hours) and mini logix which is similar to a paper based battleships:

Mr E who is almost 11 got a 3D paper dragon to assemble, a Captain America wallet (which he was thrilled with as he's off to secondary school and needs a wallet for his bus pass etc) and a 6 colour pan which he is finding fascinating!!

I'll do a review of the dragon as he puts it together because it looks amazing!! Obviously, Chick is probably the most difficult to do a goody bag for at 14 but she was thrilled as well. She got a sketch book, stickers and a stamping set none of which I would've chosen but she loved everything. She starts her GCSE's in September so she's going to use the sketch book for her photography course.

Both us and the kids had such a lovely time and they were all really thrilled not only with their rockets but also with the goodies that were chosen for them. If you have children or buy presents for Niece's and Nephews I'd suggest you pay them a visit as they have some really lovely products. We'll definitely be back!

*Thank you so much to Intu Derby and Bobble Art for their hospitality. I have not been paid for this review although were clearly given the amazing Bobble Art products that were stated above. All words, thoughts, views and pictures are mine!

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