Monday 22 November 2021

Disney Magic at Sea - Dining Experiences

this seems likes so long ago but the food was soooooo good that I felt like it deserved a post of its own! As this was my first cruise, I'm not sure whether rotational dining is normal on a cruise ship but I felt like they did it really well on the Disney Magic and it was nice to have the same waiting staff but different scenery and shows each night. The service aboard is second to none and nowhere more so than at mealtimes!

Animators Palate - Evening Meal

Ironically enough, I wasn't bothered about the Animators evening but it was one of the best experiences of the whole cruise for us. Lovely, lovely art work on the way in:

And on the walls which starts in black and white and changes to colour:

When you are first seated you are asked to draw a person (no mocking - I'm not an artist):

Then the lovely food starts arriving. For my starter I had "Sliced Serrano Ham with Manchengo Cheese and Olive Tampanade:

Absolutely bloody gorgeous (apart from the olive, yuck!!). For my main I chose Ginger Terayki-dusted Angus Beef Tenderloin served on Wasabi Mashed Potatoes with Bok Choy and a Tamarind Barbeque reduction. It was literally michelin starred fare but so good I was a truly terrible blogger and ate it without taking a picture! For dessert, Walnut Sticky Toffee pudding with Ice Cream:

O had a lovely ice cream sundae:

The absolute best part about this though is when your animation comes up on screen and not only that but you get listed as a guest animator:

Rapunzel's Royal Table - Evening Meal

Tangled is mine and O's favourite Disney films so we were really looking forward to this night unfortunately O was super sea sick and didn't manage to eat much. The waiting staff were so lovely though and really looked after us both especially O. One of them suggested that she eat a green apple in orange juice and within 15 minutes she started to feel better!! 

The restaurant is gorgeous and right down at sea level too:

My starter again compared to michelin starred food that I've eaten before and I chose a Ravioli "Tiroler" filled with Pulled Beef and Portabello Mushrooms tossed in a white wine reduction served with Roasted Carrots and Pearl Onions, absolutely delicious:

The main that I chose was "Captain of the Guards" Roasted Prime Rib of Beef with a Double-baked Potato, Broccoli, Sweet Roasted Carrots and a red wine veal sauce. It's literally the biggest piece of meat I've ever been served in a restaurant but again I was so eager to tuck in that I forgot to take a picture! For dessert I ordered the Birthday Cupcake Sundae which was given to O as she was starting to feel better and I didn't fancy the sound of any of them so the lovely waiting staff let me order dessert from the kids menu and I had a chocolate fudge cake:

We were sitting at table 1 and from here it was quite difficult to see and hear what was happening on the stage when the entertainment was happening but the way they did the lanterns was spectacular even if you can't see if from my pictures:

Outside of the formal dining, there were several drinks stations serving soft drinks, tea, coffee and hot chocolate that were all included in the price. There was also a great choice of lunch buffet, pizza, burgers, sandwich bar, snack bar that you could get food almost all day at each outlet. I think we managed to try most things:

Lumiere's - Breakfast

Soooooo disappointing but I think the reasons are twofold: 1) because we got the breakfast rotation for Lumiere's so no fancy food and 2) It was the one I was looking forward too but as it was breakfast there was no entertainment. Choice of items on the menu was amazing though and fab American pancakes with syrup were my choice. We also had to eat at 7am as we were disembarking so I didn't take any pictures of the food, just our sad faces as we got off the ship:

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the food choices!?!

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