Friday 31 December 2021

2021 Roundup

 When I first started thinking about writing this post, I honestly couldn't think that I'd done enough to wrote a post about. The start of the year we were pretty much on lockdown as we were in Tier 3 and apart from work (education) and college for O we didn't get out much. As a family, we all got covid in July 2021 and the latter half of the year has very much been dogged by hospitalisation, medical tests, long covid, fatigue - sooooooo much tiredness and trying to get enough fitness back to have some kind of life. Although me and the man are not back to 100% we are much better than we've been at any point since July (touch wood!!) However, we are on the mend and I feel like we finally almost have our life back so here's a goodbye to 2021......

January 2021

A good early January swim in the freezing cold always makes for a good start to the year!

Followed by a lovely amount of snow that actually meant we got snowed in and couldn't leave the village for 2 days. Love it when I don't have to go out in it!

February 2021

A fairly quiet month as we were back in lockdown apart from the odd day at work so only pictures are Valentine flowers and cold dipping in the garden as every lake was shut (sobs!)

March 2021

The lake re-opens for more cold swimming, hurrah!

My favourite time of year has to be Spring. It's just the right temperature, the light is starting to return and life is starting to bloom again. My home town looks glorious: 

April 2021

Very changeable weather in April. When we left for a walk for the above photo it was sunny and when we got to the top of Beacon Hill, snow!! Kids were thrilled.....

And cut to 3 weeks later and one of my favourite breaks of the year in Looe. Outdoor pool pretty much to ourselves and able to swim every day. One day........

May 2021

In May we were lucky enough to head back to Dorset and the Church of St Nicholas and the etched windows. Another gloriously roasting hot day and a beautiful church where Lawrence of Arabia is buried:

A change of scenery but my girl is motorsport mad so a trip to Silverstone and a visit to the museum:


June 2021

June started off with sunburn and then a mad period of illness prior to covid but didn't miss my birthday visit to Chatsworth with JoJo!

Or a camping visit with my Niece and Nephew to East Wittering. The weather was glorious again and it was like being abroad. Love going on holiday with this gang as they all have wetsuits too so don't think we're mad for spending most of the time in the sea:

July 2021

As I mentioned at the start, this was the month that we got really ill nd whilst it may at some point be cathartic to blog about it, I still have PTSD and I'm not quite there with finding the words to describe it yet. What I can say though is as always it shows you truly who the people are that are there for you and check in with you. My family and friends are truly the best, from daily messages, food parcel drops, phone calls, medicine drops and keeping me sane, they are truly amazing. My work place have also been fantastic for the last 6 months and so patient that I cannot even begin to imagine what it might have been like if I had worries about my job on top of everything else. Suffice to say the only picture I took in July was a care package that my glorious team sent to us:

August 2021

Had a very slow start due to a continuation of the above but we did make it right at the end of the month to the Moto GP and Silverstone. It was hard going and I was very slow moving but I did it. My highlight of the day was watching the amazing Monster stunt team:

We also managed a night away at the Coast in Margate but could only manage sitting on the beach for half an hour and couldn't explore due to fatigue so a return visit needed!

September 2021

For one week in September I actually fell well and luckily enough it fell when we went on our dream Disney cruise. We had the best time ever.....

I've written a blog post already about how amazing the food was which you can find here

The only word I have to describe the whole experience is magical and again I've blogged about it previously. If you missed it click here!

October 2021

I'm very lucky to have the most amazing husband who had booked a trip for us to Cornwall to see the Rocky Horror show in a cave and also drove us to Bude so I could check out the sea pool. Amazing place and wish I lived much closer!

Which tipped nicely into Halloween and the start of Autumn proper. Still have the Disney theme going strong with the ears!

November 2021

I have no idea how November came around so quickly but an amazing night out with the gorgeous Gin Obsessions to watch Six the Musical and drink mucho cocktails!

Followed by a fantastic trip to London for Chick's birthday to see Matilda the Musical.

December 2021

December arrived even more quickly and with it a fantastic night out at the Lap of Lights at Silverstone. I've posted several things about it on my Instagram if you want more information but it was a lot of fun and the highlight was the axe throwing and curling!

My Christmas present from JoJo was for the Christmas Trail at Whatton House which was a brilliant experience and told the story of Scrooge through live theater and a light show. Absolutely loved it but wish it would have lasted much longer!

The cherry on top of this completely bats**t crazy year, is the culmination of 3 years work and the completion of an MSc in Strategic Leadership as well as Chartered Manager status. I know it's very far removed from my blogging life but helpful in the day job and I have NO IDEA how the hell I completed it with how ill I've been this year!!! So yay for me!!

With that and Christmas done and dusted I'm saying a big fat, healthy hello to 2022! Do you have any goals or plans for 2022?

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