Sunday 25 October 2009


As previously mentioned here I have no pictures of my Brothers and I when we were young. After writing this post I asked around the whole family if they would dig out any old pictures of us and let me borrow them. Two of my Auntie’s have come up with the goods, so today I went to visit one of them and have a look at the old pictures. Jen is my Auntie on my Dad’s side and immediately that I got the first picture out of course I got all emotional because it’s of my Dad and Grandma, neither of whom are with us any longer:

I still miss my Grandma every day, bless her!! So we didn’t have any luck finding pictures of me and the boys together but Jen did have one of my school pictures from when I was a teenager (circa 1990):

Hot stuff huh?? Yeah not so much!!! I don’t think I’ve changed too much apart from the fact that I now have an extra chin and frizz control for my hair!!

Tomorrow Delia is coming to see me with all of her photo albums so maybe I’ll be able to find out some cute ones of me when I was small…..actually maybe I won’t get my hopes up!!!!


  1. get you ;-) ummmm maybe i should make that your background on your machine.....and yes i can do it from my own office hehe :P

  2. Hey Ghost......just remember who pays your wages ;-) You feeling any better??? xx

  3. just seen this bad....yeah alot better now thanks...dont want to do that again in a hurry lol....sounds like your having a rough time with chick atm long did it take you to guess Ghost is me without saying my name haha :-P

  4. Who else would call themselves Ghost? ;-)