Saturday 9 January 2010


Yet again I only have 2 minutes to quickly write off the top of my head.
Sydney was here was ok but long. Finally got to see Dori for a couple of hours which was cool. Been staying with Blue for the last few days who has been a brilliant host. We've been:

- Wine tasting in the Yarra Valley....completely amazing
- Halesville (I think) wildlife sanctuary where we got to see Koalas and Dingoes
- Melbourne night market....possibly one of the best nights ever
- Moonlight cinema in the Botanical Gardens
- Phillip Island to see the penguins
- sunbathing today at St.Kilda
- Hen party tonight!!!

ok time's up so I gotta get going....hopefully will have time to update again soon!!!

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  1. It's good to be too busy having fun to keep us updated! enjoy yourself & you'll have lots of time to write about everything when you return.