Wednesday 27 January 2010

Waffle anyone??

I know I promised you a happy cheerful Australia story today but it's just not gonna happen!!! It's 6.05pm and I'm still at work. I promised myself that when I got home I would no longer work like this. I made myself not come into work early this morning and lay in bed with Chick relaxing and talking about life but now that I'm at my desk I can't seem to tear myself away. I have nothing of interest to say but it's novel having a computer again that I don't have to ask permission to use so I'm going to waffle to you all anyway!!

Tomorrow my colleague leaves for her round the world trip and I'm so completely jealous. She is off to Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand so I've been giving her as many details as possible and re-living my trip. I'm sure she'll have an awesome time!!! I'm not looking forward to her being gone as I have to do her job. I'll mainly be dealing with maternity and case work as well as designing adverts and writing job descriptions but it also involves a lot of payroll. That I'm really not looking forward too as Maths is definitely my weak point. My Mathmatician Grandad must be turing in his grave....bless him!!!

Yesterday I picked up my pictures from the shop and now have to do something with all 536 of them. It's lovely looking back through them all and seeing how bright everything is and what a good time we had. I will when I have time post some more of them for you to see. I'm so lax (and my brother stole my laptop!!!) that I've barely even managed to put any on Facebook. Well I think I'm all waffled out for now so I'll get back to my work so that at some point this evening I can leave my desk and spend time with my daughter!!!!!!