Tuesday 14 December 2010

Funerals, Shoes & Christmas Cards i.e. random thoughts!!!

So it seems like I've been a bit of a slacker with blogging just recently but things have been really crazy around here and I never seem to get a minute!! I don't have a coherent post today just lots of random thoughts about what's been happening!!

Work has been absolute crazy Town and we've been super busy but the end is in sight and in just over a week we break up for 10 whole days.....bliss!!! My car has also been a pain in the ass and having spent lots of money on it I now need to spend even more to get it through the MOT...Grrrrrr!!!

Our stint as Toyologists is coming to an end (Booooo) but I still have lots of lovely things to review and am hoping to get most of them up in time for Christmas!!! So if you are a slacker like me and haven't got everything yet then watch out for some fab ideas!

My Great Auntie died suddenly and we held the funeral last week. It was a really nice funeral. The songs were absolutely lovely and then we had a tea party afterwards! A fabulous send off but it had me thinking about what I'd like mine to be like. I would want everyone to wear bright colours and great big hats (like in the movies)!!! Obviously all the women have to wear ridiculous shoes in homage to me and my shoe collection!! The best of my shoes i.e. the Vivienne Westwoods etc need to be donated to a design museum for future generations to look at!!  Song wise I have to have a song to make everyone groan so either......'Knock on Wood' or 'Going Underground'!!! Lol!

I am NOWHERE near ready for the big day. I have lots of presents still to buy and haven't even got the decorations out of the loft. I have faithfully promised Chick that we will put the tree up this weekend and I will find some Christmas spirit from somewhere!!

We are also not sending Christmas cards this year. Instead Chick and I have decided that we will buy a gift of  safe water for 10 people from the Oxfam Unwrapped range. We figure that people need water more than our friends need a piece of card to let them know that we are thinking about them.

Think that's about it from my crazy world at the moment!! How are you my lovely bloggy readers? Are you all ready for the big day? Are you a slacker just like me? What do you think about not sending out Christmas cards?

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