Wednesday 22 December 2010

To bail or not to bail???

We all know the saying ‘if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all’! Well I guess that’s kinda why I haven’t been blogging much! My life pretty much sucks at the moment and to be honest I haven’t wanted to write about it or to make you all miserable with reading about my train crash life.

Tonight though has been the absolute icing on the cake and if I don’t blog about it I may just explode! I have a tough time generally with Chick’s Dad and I try and refrain from writing about him, firstly because it isn’t fair on Chick and secondly because I don’t like to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he bothers me.

I believe that I’m very patient with him and do everything in my power to make life easy for all of us. The only thing I ask from him is that he turns up for his hour every week or calls Chick if he can’t come and that he buys her birthday and Christmas presents (or gives me cash to buy them). I’m sure that you’ll agree I ask very, very little.

On Chick’s birthday he turned up to see her with no present and I had a quiet word in his ear about how completely crap he was and then threw a complete tantrum when he was out of earshot. I told Chick that her main present was from both of us and then made him give me half the money afterwards. I also had to e-mail on the day to ask him to call her!! So basically he is rubbish and I try and hide it from her.

Today he came to do Christmas stuff with her but came without a present! Now my lovely girl is far too polite to ask for a present so didn’t say anything. He then told me that he couldn’t afford a present and had no money to give me either!  The thing about Chick is that she isn’t really materialistic at all and would be happy as larry with a book and a selection box that would’ve cost about £2 from the pound shop!!!!

You know what I’m done with him being crap. I’m done with bailing him out so that his daughter doesn’t think badly of him but what do I do now? Do I find the money to buy a present from him? Do I pretend that one of the presents is joint again or do I just let her be disappointed at Christmas???  Answers on a postcard whilst I’m drowning my sorrows please!!!!!
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