Friday 9 September 2011

Five Minute Writing Workshop

*This is my weekly writing whatever is in your head for 5 minutes post...

Recently I met a man. I thought he was pretty cool and I got the feeling he felt the same about me.

A couple of days later, I was bored and being a TOTAL girl decided that I would Google him (whilst waiting for him to phone!!) to see what I could discover. Turns out that was maybe a teeny, weeny mistake. I discovered from my good friend Google that this person has a lot of money and a rather lovely property portfolio......

Holy Moley! Now what am I supposed to think???

As shallow as it is, it’s changed my whole opinion of him.

How could I possibly go out for dinner with him and bring him back to my house for coffee???

Now, this may sound like a ridiculous quandary to you all, BUT......I live in a house roughly the size of a postage stamp! We have lived here for 7 years and still have no carpet on the stairs because I would rather spend the little money that we have on travelling around England and the world.

How do you persuade someone with millions that the local cafe is a great idea for a lunch date without admitting that you only have £55.70 in the bank????

Now I’m crossing my fingers that he doesn’t call so that I don’t have to turn him down.........


I would definitely recommend that you try this whether you have a blog or not. Five minutes of writing without thinking, no judgment, no topic prompts, just anything that falls out of your head.....I'm actually finding it extremely therapeutic.....leave me a comment if you publish yours and I'll make sure to pop over and read it :-)

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