Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Famous last words

Today is the start of Chick's birthday week (mah baybee will be 9 on Monday *sob*!!) and the fair is in town. Tonight we went for a look around  and to check out which rides are here this year so that she could plan her birthday night out with her Dad tomorrow. After she was done looking around we had this conversation:

Chick: Mum can I please try and win a cuddly toy?

Me: No they are monstrous, a waste of money and you will never win!!

Chick: Pllllleeeeaaasssseeee Mum, I won't ask for ANYTHING else. 

*lots of begging and pleading*

Me: No

Chick: But it is almost my birthday. Pllllleeeeaaasssseeee Mum.

Me: Fine but it's a waste of money and you will never win!! You may as well just throw your money down the drain!

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