Tuesday 8 November 2011

On hospital appointments and being stone deaf!

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a problem with my ears and hearing. Some of my first memories from school are trying to avoid having the dreaded hearing test. Sitting in the office of the Headmistress, Sister Mary David (once they’d caught me) and trying to outwit the beeps from the test and not cry at the ridiculously heavy headphones!!! Then once they had discovered that I actually couldn’t hear, being banned from swimming with the rest of the school as I wasn’t allowed to get my ears wet after having grommets.

This was then repeated when I was eleven as I started having the same problems all over again, which I’d completely forgotten about but the hospital still have my notes from then so I guess it must be true!!! Over the last couple of years I’ve had repeated ear infections but until recently hadn’t been infection free for long enough to have the dreaded hearing test.  I’ve recently had this and as expected my hearing is terrible!! I can hear conversations on a one-to-one basis but I struggle in a crowd, when listening to the TV and if I'm walking along the street all I can hear is the traffic!

On our third date (yes, I’m aware that I’m a romantic soul!!) ‘The Man’ came with me to see the Specialist who told me that I my eardrums have collapsed and I need bilateral (in both ears) grommets and a biopsy on a mass at the back of my nose. Fun times, huh?!?! Bet you wish you were dating me.......

Today I’ve been for my pre-op check up which I naively assumed would take about half an hour but actually turned into a 4 hour check up!!!! I’m grateful for the NHS but I can’t honestly say I wasn’t cursing it after being sat in a waiting room for no good reason for 90 minutes!!  So it turns out that the pre-op involves being tested for all kinds of random crap including MRSA and being pregnant......none of which I found out if I have or not! (sidenote: am definitely NOT pregnant Mum, don’t worry!!!!)

My operation is set for next Friday and if I’m honest I’m absolutely petrified. I’m making my poor Mum drive over from Norfolk to hold my hand and make sure that I don’t die.......quite how she has the power to prevent this from happening I’m not entirely sure but I’ll feel much better if she is close by to hold my hand and/or my sick bucket ;-) (Again......hanging out with me is FANTABULOUS!!) 

I’m hoping that they will let me out on the same day but it depends on how things go so keep your fingers crossed for me!!! I’ll make sure to take pictures of me looking sexy in my hospital gown and slippers.......
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