Wednesday 4 April 2012

Easter Egg Tasting with John Lewis

As long time readers of this blog will know, I have a lovely relationship with the people at John Lewis and every so often they invite us into our local store to do fun stuff. Imagine Chick's excitement when this time they asked both of us if we wanted to go along and 'taste test' some Easter eggs???! What a fabulous way to spend the first day of the holidays. 

First up we had a peek at some of their lovely Easter goodies:

Chick was lucky enough to be given a lovely Easter basket of goodies:

So we thought that we'd start by tasting her eggs.....all I can say is that they tasted divine:

Due to time constraints we bought a couple of eggs home with us to taste. I love all kinds of chocolate but for a special occasion I do like to splash out on anything from Hotel Choclat.......Oooo yum!! I wasn't too sure about this one though as it was 'salted caramel' so I took it to work and shared it out among the office:

Actually the egg was A-Mazing!!! The contrast of the bitter and sweet, the light and dark chocolate was awesome. There was also a crackle from the salt and caramel chips. Go buy one and keep it all for yourself.....yum!!! Everyone in the office agreed too.

The next egg was a cupcake style egg:

This one was made of thick milk chocolate and decorated with white chocolate and smarties. I think Chick and I demolished it in approximately 15 seconds between us.


A huge thank you to John Lewis for having us and plying us with chocolate. 

Happy Easter.
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