Monday 2 April 2012

A Mini Catch Up.....

Advertorial but still my words :-)

Aaah my poor neglected blog readers.  I was just replying to some comments from last week’s Silent Sunday and then realised that, apart from pictures, I haven’t blogged properly for about a month!! What a terrible blogger I am!!

I could put a lot of it down to the usual day to day stuff that we all do........renewing the car insurance, keeping on top of the (never ending) laundry, doing the school run, work, homework, Brownies, visiting the family, too many Tequila nights and celebrating birthdays:

Of course I could also blame my lovely, lovely man for taking up lots of my time but it’s so nice to hang out with him that I kind of forget about blogging, Twitter, Facebook and just cuddle up to him on the couch.  Most days he is still completely amazing although obviously he has the odd day where he’s just a typical man!! This week will be 6 months since we first is it even possible for time to have flown by so quickly on one hand and on the other to feel like I’ve known him forever?

I’ve been trying to spend quality time with my beautiful girl as well. Now that she’s 9, I’m beginning to worry what she will remember about my Parenting and at the moment I figure that her main memory will be me yelling at her every morning to get ready and stop being a snail ;-) What I want her to remember are unscheduled stops for muffins , lunches out, curling up on the couch to watch DVD’s, bike rides in the Countryside, trips to the park:

A couple of weeks Chick went away on an activity break with the school so hopefully that built some amazing memories for her that she will carry with her for a lifetime.

That’s about all my news so what have I missed in your world?
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