Sunday 18 November 2012

A Picture Catch Up

Hello my poor deserted blog readers. Life has been exceedingly busy around these parts so I thought I'd give you a quick pictorial catch up :-)

I managed to escape for a weekend away with one of my best friends which involved lots of lovely food, drink, giggles and walking in the Northamptonshire countryside:

I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween but Chick got to go Trick or Treating to a couple of houses and we put some decorations up:

Followed hot on the heels this year by Bonfire night. We had all three kids together this year so decided to do something different and went to the Santa Pod raceway. They have drag racing there  and jet powered cars and monster trucks! The jet powered cars are crazy loud and Mr. M wasn't a big fan either!! The fireworks were amazing though and certainly made up for the cold:

For our anniversary last month I bought the man tickets to see Evanescence so we had a date last week and went all Rock 'n' Roll:

Last weekend we had Chick's birthday party and she got an amazing cake made by my very talented boyfriend:

What have you been up to??

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