Monday 12 November 2012

Sleepover hints and tips

As you are probably aware my darling little Chick is almost 10 *sob*! Her idea of a great evening is to have a sleepover with friends so when Calpol and their Second Chance Saturday competition asked me to give you some pointers as to my sleepover tips, I jumped at the chance.

Firstly I would say – Be Prepared! .........Prepared for the mess and the noise and the fact that they probably won’t fall asleep until much later than usual!

Ensure that the other children come prepared – with their own pillow, teddy, book or whatever makes them comfortable to stay away from home.

Have some snacks ready.....I try and give then homemade popcorn with treacle poured over the top. It’s healthier than shop bought stuff and they can help to make it. Also grapes and nachos are great to have around in bowls for snacking on or for Midnight feats!

Let them make noise/have pillow fights/giggle/have a midnight feast/paint each others’’s nights like these that my girl thinks I’m ‘the best Mum in the world’! Gotta be worth some parenting brownie points!!

If the weather is good then a sleepover in a tent is even more fun.....according to the 10 year olds!!!

I wouldn’t normally let Chick do it at any other time but I find when she’s having sleepovers, they seem to find it much easier to drift off to sleep watching a DVD, especially if they’ve come with you to choose it!!

Following the above tips sleepovers in our house tend to run pretty smoothly......apart from the occasional shhhhhhhhh shouted up the stairs to giggling girls ;-) What sleepover tips would you give?

Disclosure - Calpol are giving me a voucher of my choice for writing this post but all words, ideas and pictures are mine.

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