Sunday 25 June 2017

Hollywood - Walk of Fame

If you've never been to Hollywood let me start by telling you that it's a funny old place. Obviously it's hugely exciting to see the Hollywood Sign and some parts of Hollywood are super fancy and cater to the stars and the vastly, humongously rich. This is mainly in West Hollywood (WeHo) as all the signs told us when we there recently. This is the part that runs down Sunset Boulevard (hello rock clubs) and butts up to Beverley Hills.

Most of the main tourist areas though are quite run down and there are lots of homeless people and beggars - think Pretty Woman! I only mention this because the man was quite shocked at how different it was from his perception when we were there. However I can't say that I've ever felt unsafe there. So to the cool stuff......

Grauman's Chinese Theatre is on Hollywood and Highland and is one of the must see sights of Hollywood:

This is also the site of the handprints and footprints of the famous. I've done this before but it's still cool and Chick loved it:

The Walk of Fame is also really cool and a must see for anyone visiting LA, especially for the first time. The stars run for 15 blocks along Hollywood and there are over 2,500 of them. It's so much fun looking out for your favourite famous people. In fact I was having so much fun that I only took one proper photo:

And then as vodka is my favourite tipple ever, also had to take this one:

As we had Chick with us we obviously had to do the obligatory teen shopping - hello Forever 21 and Victoria's Secret at Hollywood and Highland Shopping:

Even the man couldn't complain when you have this view from the mall:

Hollywood is also the home of Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Have you ever been to Hollywood? Do you have any top trips for fellow travelers?

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