Wednesday 12 July 2017

Mevagissey, Cornwall

We've been to Mevagissey twice this year once for a day trip and once for the weekend and it's just the cutest place. It's just South of St Austell and is a relatively small, old fashioned fishing village/harbour, and it's just how I expected Cornwall to be. 

The streets are too narrow for cars so apart from deliveries you need to park just outside of town. As it costs £5 for the entire day and takes 2 minutes to walk into the town it's not a huge problem. 

The streets may be narrow and hilly but they are full of colourful buildings:

Like I say it's a harbour town too so lots of busy fishing boats in and out all of the time:

And of course some amazing places to eat where you can sit and look out over the water. I had the most amazing full english breakfast at Tea on the Quay. All of the ingredients are locally sourced and I cannot recommend it highly enough:

Obviously when you are in a fishing village you also need to have the quintessentially British fish 'n' chips:

Honestly the most amazing fish n chips ever!! The other amazing thing is the colour of this water.....just look at it.....

When your childhood holidays are taken on the East coast believe me the sea is not this colour :)

Do you have a favourite fishing village??

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