Monday 1 February 2010

Hey There!!!

I am still alive and kicking but the days seem to be flying away and before I know where I am 5 days have passed without me blogging. I am managing to hold on to my holiday mood (just about!!!) which has been helped along by the fact that the sun came out at the weekend. The temperature in England has barely risen above freezing but blue skies go some way to compensating.

Whilst I've been looking at the positives in my life this week I've also come up with a few ideas of what I'd like to do with myself this year. First and foremost I really want to finish re-decorating the house. I can't afford to do the big stuff like replacing the carpets but I figure if I do as much of the small stuff as possible and try and keep on top of the cleaning then things will already appear to look much nicer.

So this weekend I finally repaired the kitchen wall which has been a mess since the Great Kitchen Saga of 2009!!! I filled all the holes and plastered over everything and then painted it all and then hung lots of bright and colourful pictures from all my World travels! I'm very proud of myself for getting it done with no help at all. I will try and post pictures later this week but I'm sneakily writing this at work as my Brother still has my laptop!!

Also I've decided that I will definitely be climbing Kilimanjaro in January 2011 for 'Help for Heroes' I just need to find the initial £350 to get myself registered and then get fundraising. I need to raise in total around £4,000 but I'm pretty confident (at the moment) that I should just about be able to scrape it all together.

As part of getting ready to climb a big hill I'm also going to have to get up off my behind and do some exercise. I had big plans to go to the gym at lunchtime today and start but I was swayed by the offer of a pub lunch....must learn to be stronger and resist!!!! Well that's all for now as I have yet another meeting to go too.....I tell ya something this being promoted isn't all fun and games ;-)


  1. Wow, Kilimanjaro will be quite an undertaking! But I know after the marathon run that you can do anything you set your mind to. Best of luck with the fundraising and the climb.

  2. Hey love, well done you on finishing the kitchen that's far more productive than I've been this last 4 months! As soon as I get a job I'll send you some sponsorship money for Kilimanjaro. Mike and I have been contemplating doing a walk/run on the gold Coast. Him-the marathon and me the 10k run (walking though!) so I'm going out everyday running/walking. Also need to lose 4 months worth of holiday weight!!
    Did you get everything sorted regarding your promotion?
    Love Auntie Jo-Jo-sorry Nelly!!!