Friday 9 July 2010

Smitten by Britain - Bakewell & Chatsworth

I'm not here again today as I'm over at Smitten by Britain. I'm talking about one of my favourite places in the UK which is Chatsworth House.  It's a beautiful country pile set in the heart of Derbyshire and looks a bit like this:

Click on the link below to pop over and see me:


  1. Aw I have many fond memories of chatsworth and bakewell. My Grandparents lived in Derbyshire and it was like my second home :-)

  2. @Jessica Thanks for stopping by.

    @Feeding Boys.....That's so cool. We only live about an hour away so often pop up that way for a day!!!

  3. My list of awesome places to visit in England just keeps growing and growing... thanks a lot! lol