Monday 21 March 2011

Enjoying the Small Things

After watching Comic Relief on Friday, I decided to make the most of the things that we have this weekend. I vowed to not worry about being poor, to hang out with my girl, to enjoy the weather no matter what it was doing and to ignore the fact that I was feeling really ill. Do you know what was fabulous? As soon as I had made those decisions everything was lovely and almost perfect.

For the first time this year it was warm enough to take off the socks and boots and sit barefoot in the park whilst we ate our picnic and then play in the sand:

The sun actually shone and did I mention that it was warm??

When the sun went down and it got chilly, Chick added some interesting layers:

Ironically enough this outfit inspired her to put together a fashion magazine with stuff that she had laying around:

And then I was treated to her catwalk show:

To top the day off we went driving in our PJ's to try and get a good view of the Super Moon. It was completely awesome but I only managed to get this one great shot:

Yep......look closer....the little dot is the Super!!! My lovely friend Kerry took some AMAZING shots though!

Maybe not everyone's idea of a perfect day but it certainly was my kinda day!

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