Saturday 26 March 2011

An Evening with Justin Beiber

My little Chick was lucky enough to get tickets to Justin Beiber for Christmas which she was excited about at the time and then kind of forgot about.....I guess 3 months is a very long time when you are only 8. Thursday dawned bright and sunny and my daughter suddenly discovered 3 months worth of pent up excitement and bounced off to school!!

We got home, she shimmied into her outfit, asked if she could put in make up (erm.....NO!!!) and off to the Big City we went. Outside the venue there were screaming girls everywhere some of them not actually wearing many clothes (sidenote: you can tell you are getting old when you spend all night thinking 'did your Mother let you leave the house looking like that'!!!) Then we saw this and Chick went into full on hysteria:

Inside we bought her a t-shirt and surprisingly the merchandise was very reasonable:

She has yet to actually take the t-shirt off!!! I suggested that we may wash it today but that was met with a look of total disdain ;-)

So first up were a girlie support act who's name I don't remember and then Willow Smith. Now some of you have probably never heard of her but she's the 10 year old daughter of Will & Jade Smith. I'm not a massive fan but Chick thinks she's kinda cool. Whilst she was performing all I could think was that she's awfully young to be living this lifestyle. There is something really disconcerting about watching a 10 year old working the crowd....  Anway this is her performing:

Bit blurry I know! Chick was also very excited that we made it onto Willow's Facebook page video!! I'm pretty sure that you only see us for less than a 10th of a second ;-)

Then it was time for the big man little boy himself!!! I have to say that I didn't have any expectations of the show being enjoyable but apart from the horrendous noise levels I was pleasantly surprised!!! I expected him to come across like a real brat but he didn't and he can actually sing and dance really well!!

I've never been to a concert quite like it!!! When I was younger I was always into rock music and you just don't get screaming girls at rock concerts 'cos it's not cool!!! Right from the start my eardrums felt like they were going to burst because the screaming was just so daughter being one of the main culprits. It was kind of like when you see the Beatles on TV and you can't hear anything other than screaming!!! I only just feel like I have my normal hearing back today!!!

Now, I'm sure it's probably that I'm getting old but as we left all I could think was what a strange life he must have. It's hardly surprising that he comes across as cocky and arrogant when he has 20,000 people screaming at his every word and wanting to be near him but not actually knowing him. Living in hotels in strange towns and cities all the time and not being at home. Not living a normal life, being able to hang out with his friends or go out in public without being followed or mobbed!! Would you want that for your 16 year old because I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't!!! 

The last thing that Chick said was that it was her dream come true so I guess all the screaming was worth it ;-)
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