Thursday, 10 March 2011

Join the Co-operative Revolution

I’m pretty sure that most of you have heard of the Co-op but did you know that it’s more than just a shop?  The Co-operative Group now has six million members and 5,000 outlets across its family of businesses including food, financial services, travel and pharmacy.  They are running a new advertising campaign to talk about the first successful Co-operative that was set up by the Rochdale Pioneers way back in 1844 and the ‘revolution’ is still going strong.
The campaign also highlights the Co-op’s ethical credentials and shows some of the many co-operative schemes across a huge range of different interests. For instance a football club putting the heart back into the community by offering affordable football matches and running Sports Coaching sessions for refugees and children leaving care. At the start of this year with help from the Co-op’s Enterprise Hub they were able to access training and support and to date have sold one million £1 shares! How’s that for a brilliant co-operative idea??

How about the Cumbrian villagers powering their Village with wind power? It’s the UK’s first community owned wind farm and was set up in 1996. It has received several grants from the Co-operative Enterprise Hub and now generates around 10,000MWh of electricity each year which is enough to power about 30,000 homes!! Another brilliant idea that benefits not only the environment but the local community too.

It’s easy to get involved with some great projects in your area too. Why not join the revolution and get involved? You can nominate your own revolution to win £5,000 under any of the following categories:

Combating Climate Change 

Benefiting the Community

Tackling Global 

Poverty Inspiring Young People 

I would love to hear about the revolutions going on in your Area.  Alternatively you could vote for this fab project that is happening in my Area :-)

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