Wednesday 4 May 2011

The London Eye

I have a thing which drives me crazy about myself.......all too often I don't consider the consequences of stuff or think it through properly before I agree to things!! For instance........organising long train journeys and forgetting that Chick gets travel sick....... until we're actually on the train!!  So when I was talking to the lovely people at Superbreak about Visit London for the Royal Wedding and they offered us the chance to review the London Eye, I thought 'What a wonderful idea' conveniently forgetting how utterly petrified of heights I am....................

With the booking made in advance, on the day we headed off to the London Eye and collected our tickets. You can book a specific time slot if you want to but we decided that we would just book the date and then go towards the end of the day when it wasn't so crowded and didn't have to queue at all. The ticket office is very roomy and there are lots of helpful staff around which is always a bonus when there are tourists everywhere!!! We also bought a guide from there that opens out into a 360 complete map and only cost £1 which I thought was an absolute bargain:

You do have to go through security checks but it's mainly just looking at your bags and waving a wand over you......nothing too intrusive!! So once we were waiting on the platform to get into the pod.....the nerves kicked in and I suddenly remembered my fear of heights. When the doors closed and we moved out over the Thames, I may have started freaking out a little bit...............   I cannot begin to tell you how scared I was.......  On the plus side the pods are roomy and you can sit or stand and look out of the windows. Due to my crippling fear I may have sat with my eyes closed all the way around and not moved a muscle. 

Chick and my brother Chris (and the other 20 passengers!!!) had a good time, took pictures and looked at all the sights......the Gherkin and St Pauls Cathedral:

The brand new Shard building:

and of course the Houses of Parliament:

You couldn't really feel the London Eye moving even though it was quite a breezy day and I'm sure the view would have made it worthwhile if I could have opened my eyes but Chris assures me that you could see all the way out to Wembley in the North! Maybe we should have gone for the champagne option and that may have calmed the nerves ;-)

Check out the Superbreak website for their latest offers on London Hotels.

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