Saturday 28 May 2011

Save the Children - In Our World #PassItOn

As most of you have probably realised by now I'm a huge advocate for the fabulous work that Save the Children do, both at home and abroad.

I don't know if you remember or not but back in January, Save the Children launched their biggest campaign yet with 'No Child Born to Die'. Continuing with this campaign the Prime Minster David Cameron will be meeting with other World Leaders on the 13th June to decide on the funding for vaccine programmes. To this end Save the Children are taking three fabulous bloggers out to Mozambique including the lovely Chris who I met at the Save the Children conference.

The idea of the trip is to follow the trail of the vaccines from the factory to the cold store to the airport and then along the road to meet the children and families lucky enough to receive the vaccines. They will be tweeting, videoing and blogging their journey and showing us the problems that can arise from having to keep vaccines 'cold' whilst travelling through hot countries. Please take a minute to visit the girls @christinemosler @tchee @liliesarelike  and show your support and also to sign the petition here. You can also follow them on Twitter with the hashtag #passiton.

To help spread the word Maggie from Red Ted Art and Josie from Sleep is the Weak have created a cool linky to help raise awareness and to get as many people involved as possible. What they wanted everyone to do was to get their child to draw a self portrait of them now or in the future. Chick went with this for her current self portrait:

So cute!!!  This is what Chick thinks she'll look like in the future:

I love that the second picture is exactly the same but bigger and with a floral dress!!! I really hope that she sticks to her dream of becoming a Teacher too!!

Please, please take a second to sign the petition to the World Leaders by Sunday 29th May and encourage them to save 4 million lives in 4 hours. You can also join in with the linky and I'm tagging everyone and anyone who wants to be involved!

Thank you :-)
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