Tuesday 17 May 2011

Walk to School Week

As usual we are late to the party, but this week is National Walk to School Week and as you know we are normally up for a challenge. Kia asked us if we would join in and help ease the load of the estimated 20% of traffic that makes up the school run in the morning! You may remember that back in November I was car-less for a short while and even though it was freeeeeeeezing cold, I still enjoyed walking with Chick and chatting about the day ahead. I also found that we both arrived at school/work more alert and awake and ready to get on with the day ahead.

To help us along Kia sent us these walk to school kits:

Including a pedometer, t-shirts and some delightful luminous, reflective jackets which I look very fashion forward whilst wearing.............   The walk to school campaign does a great job in helping 1.6 million primary and secondary school children walk to school. Look out for more from us this week including pictures of us in our sexy jackets and anything else interesting that we happen upon during the walk!!! Let's hope the rain stays away too :-)
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