Thursday 16 June 2011

CyberMummy Meet & Greet 2011's finally here! Can you believe that CyberMummy 2011 is just around the corner???

 Last year at this time I was worrying about all these things............... What if they don’t like me?  What if I say something stupid? What if absolutely no-one has ever heard of my blog?????  What the heck am I going to wear?  When did I become so dramatic and such a worrier???

Thankfully this year I'm meeting all of my lovely blogging girlies and am pushing all these thoughts to the back of my head.....I'm just thinking about how fab it will be to see them and make some new friends!! Also this year I'm lucky enough to be sponsored by Dodo Pad and I can't wait to meet the owner as she has been more than supportive........Feel free to grab me and ask me all about their products, which I love :-)

Anyways as most of you know, I look like this:

This is my info:

Name:   Emma Brooks

Blog:   This one

Twitter ID:   @AdventuresEM


Height:   5ft 11inches unless I wear heels and then I’ll be 6’ 2” at least!!!  Yikes!!! 

Hair:   Shoulder length, brown with lots a couple of grey streaks!!

Eyes:   Blue.

Likes:   my daughter, krispy kreme, reading, chocolate, California, vodka, blogging, taking pictures, SHOES, expensive shoes, handbags, London, heavy metal, Greys Anatomy, running, ice cream,

Most likely to say:


 ‘How much? For one glass? Where I come from you can get a whole bottle for that’!!!!!

'Can I use my card? I didn’t get chance to go to the cash machine'!!!

'My shoes? Yes they are beautiful aren’t they?  They are Vivienne Westwood/LK Bennet!  Uncomfortable? Yes, but just stroke them and feel the fabulousness’

Will be wearing: Something black, jeans, flip flops and sunglasses on head is my usual uniform......probably even the same outfit as last year ;-)

Ways to be my best friend forever: Buy me vodka, tell me that I look great, hold my hand when I look very nervous, tell me that you’ve heard of me!!!

What NOT to do: Dare me to dance on the tables or get my boobs out or kiss inappropriate men at the bar!!!!  What?…..I’m single and child free in London and planning on being a Cougar with the wonderful Karen!!!

Will be the person at Cybermummy most likely to: Drink too much and make a complete arse of herself!

I think that’s about all!!  For those of you that are lucky enough to have a ticket I'll see you next week!!! Yaaaaay! 

-Don't forget there is still time to enter my sterling silver pendant giveaway!!!
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