Tuesday 21 June 2011

Tracks of my Years & Karaoke Meme

So this week I'm going to be totally lazy and do Tracks of my Years but also incorporate the Karaoke Meme that I was so kindly tagged in by the lovely Cass.....you should definitely check out her song becuase it had me laughing and crying in equal measure!!!! I have to admit to HATING karaoke with a passion and I've only sung it about three times in my entire life.......each time when under the influence of alcohol ;-)

The first time stands out vividly amongst a hazy night. When I was 18 and all kinds of a mess because my Dad had just died, I decided in my wisdom to move 200 miles away from the rest of my family and work at a holiday camp in Somerset. It generally involved staying up all night at beach parties, cleaning chalets from 7am until 3pm, sleeping and then going out and partying all over again! Believe it or not back in those days I didn't drink very much at all (how times change!!) but one night towards the end of the season we all got a bit tipsy and headed into the local town...... I was forced into singing this song by ol' blue eyes himself:

I can't say in all honestly that's what we sounded like....probably more 'Strangled Cat' but a funny memory all the same!!!
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