Monday 13 June 2011

A Right Royal Birthday

It's a sad but true fact that I appear to be turning into a bit of a Royalist in my old age. It's not so much that I'm for or against them but more about the fact that we British do pomp and ceremony so well and I just love it!!! For the last three or four years I've been to the Trooping the Colour parade through the streets of London and I wrote about the history of last years event.

Previously I've always lined the Mall (with the rest of the peasants ;-) and watched along the Street but this year as a birthday present to myself I got proper tickets to sit and watch it with Lizzie herself!!!! You have to enter via a lottery and it was with much excitement that I received a letter from the Head of the Household Headquarters telling me that I had the tickets! Of course then we had the trauma of what we would wear because of the very strict dress code......yikes....what do you and your Sister-in-Law wear to impress the Queen??? Well this actually:

Obviously I don't know if Lizzie was actually impressed but they let us in so we couldn't have looked too shabby!!! Once we were seated it started raining:

Thankfully it only lasted for a few minutes before the glorious sun came out. The sight of our military lined up in Horse Guards Parade is truly a fabulous thing:

(click on the pictures to enlarge)

Then Lizzie came by to say Happy Birthday to me and very kindly let Wills come too:

When the parade was over we grabbed a handsome chap to have our picture taken with:

Then it was off back to Lizzie's place for the old balcony appearance: 

And the flypast including the fabulous Red Arrows:

As it was such fun, I think I should celebrate my birthday on the Queens official birthday every year!!!!

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