Thursday 21 July 2011

Five Minute Writing Workshop

*This is my weekly writing whatever is in your head for 5 minutes post........actually this week it should probably just be the 'whatever is in your head' post because it took me allllll day and once I got started I couldn't stop..........

I've had a real blank with this today and have been sitting staring at the screen for at least five hours. My brain is coming up with blanks because everything that I WANT to say would really upset people. I'm not in the business of causing trouble (generally) so where to go from here.........

My current Facebook status says:

Emma is thinking that actually life is too short and I need to start doing exactly what I want to do.....  Now this isn't exactly news to me as I kinda try and live this anyway, but a few things have happened in the past few days that make me want to rebel. I can't discuss them here but what I can say is although I'm not done with being polite and friendly, I'm done with dealing with other people's sh*t because life is honestly just too short.

I will no longer conform. I don't care what you think of my tattoos, my taste in music, the clothes I'm wearing, the men I want. If you have an issue with any of these's YOUR issue. Yes, I will still wear a suit for work and look smart but I'm done with.......... covering up my tattoos, dating men that I don't care for but that you like, apologising for my weight, my attitude, apologising for the fact I still grieve for my Dad after 17 years, the way I live my life.

My life is mine. It is nothing to do with anyone else, I am answerable to no-one apart from Chick and as I'm now 35 I will be putting my foot down. My family and everyone else can say what they choose about my weight but the next time they mention it, I will leave......their house, the restaurant, the family gathering. The next time ANYONE mentions Chick's size, height, weight I am going to lose my temper in a big try and make sure it's not you that brings it up because do you know what? That girl is completely NORMAL and I won't have any of you fucking up her life in the way that you did mine.

Tomorrow I'm having a new tattoo and unless I ask you directly, I do not care for your opinion on it. If you hate it??? Oh's on my wrist not yours. Still have a problem? Refer to the above paragraphs.

If anyone wants me, I'll be........... at a rock festival, at the tattoo artists drinking Jack or rocking out with my air guitar and my gorgeous daughter to Pantera or even being Emo kids alongside My Chemical Romance


I would definitely recommend that you try this whether you have a blog or not. Five minutes of writing without thinking, no judgment, no topic prompts, just anything that falls out of your head.....I'm actually finding it extremely therapeutic.....leave me a comment if you publish yours and I'll make sure to pop over and read it :-)

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