Saturday 2 July 2011


I feel like I'm always waiting.....

for pay day

for school to finish

to have time off work to breathe

for the phone to ring

for things to fall into place

to have enough money

for decisions to be made on my behalf

for things to be better, me to be happier, the house to be clean

and then I sadly realise that whilst I'm waiting for all this, life is passing me by

Chick is getting bigger

I'm getting older

my garden grows and I can't control it

my house doesn't stay tidy for more than 10 seconds

I am loved

my friends and family are awesome.

I may not be perfect but I could not ask for a better life.


I wrote this after the CyberMummy workshop with Sophie King. One of her exercises on the day was to just write. So I did......
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