Saturday 30 July 2011

Five Minute Writing Workshop

*This is my weekly writing whatever is in your head for 5 minutes post...

I haven't been able to focus on a single thing this week hence the lack of blog posts. My head is full of thoughts spinning around like the wheels on a gambling machine in a Vegas casino. I have the occasional cherry dropping into place but never a full line that makes a kerching, winning noise.

I have a craving for the sea. The smell of  it, the way your skin feels when you have been wind swept for the entire day. The smell of tent canvas, candyfloss, hot dogs, suntan lotion. I'm looking forward to the crunch of sand under foot whilst dragging an 8 year old, deck chairs, the camera, the beach games, towels and a picnic across the beach looking for a sheltered spot so we don't freeze our backsides off! 

I remember from my exotic holidays as a youngster the highlight of the evening being fish and chips and then a 20p game of Bingo. As this is a highly underrated activity, I shall this week be encouraging my daughter to continue with such exotic-ness. We shall also sample such delights as spinning on the waltzers until we feel sick, stuffing our faces with hot sugared donuts, riding donkeys and building sandcastles.


I would definitely recommend that you try this whether you have a blog or not. Five minutes of writing without thinking, no judgment, no topic prompts, just anything that falls out of your head.....I'm actually finding it extremely therapeutic.....leave me a comment if you publish yours and I'll make sure to pop over and read it :-)

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