Tuesday 6 December 2011

Conversations with an 9 year old

Most nights when I've put Chick to bed, I jump in the bath and try and have a long hot soak and a quiet half an hour. A couple of nights ago whilst I was trying to do this, Chick got out of bed and came into the bathroom and we had this conversation:

Me: Why are you out of bed?

Chick: I have a question.

Me: Go on.

Chick: What a 'menage a trois'?

Me.....*thinking* F*ck, how do I answer that?? Quick, think of an answer!!!

Me: erm....in what context? Where have you heard it?

Chick: Wait a minute and I'll show you.

Me...... *thinking* WTF is she going to show me?

Chick: Look, it's in one of Katy Perry's songs.....shows me the song words.

Me..... *thinking* maybe that wasn't such a great birthday present, erm....still not sure what to say!

Me: I'm not sure Chick because it's something French (yes, I'm a cop out!!)

Chick: Maybe I'll ask the French teacher then?

Me: (looking aghast!) I'm not sure that's such a good idea hunny, some of Katy's lyrics are quite rude and the French teacher may not be able to tell you.

Chick: Ok, guess I'll find out when I'm older. Night, Mum.

Me: Night babe!


I must try thinking quicker when she asks me random questions like this!!!! Side note to self: Check the lyrics before she gets the CD!!
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