Friday 27 January 2012

A Catch Up.....

If I'm completely honest January is kicking my arse in a massive way! This week has been yet another fun filled week and so this will therefore be another whiny post......

Following on from my previous oversharing post......I've been back to the Doctors and they now have me on the pill to try and regulate the periods on the implant! Can anyone say 'crazy hormone lady'??? On the plus side my periods are now only every other day so there is a definite improvement ;-)

On Monday I went back to the hospital about my hearing being awful and as I thought, the operation hasn't worked. The Surgeon isn't entirely sure why but it could have something to do with my 'ear drums being as thin as tissue paper'.....great!!! He wants to let my ears settle down for six months, recover properly and then re-do the operation to see if it's more successful. On the plus side, I should get most of August off from work to recover ;-)

Wednesday night we had a Tequila Mexican evening to celebrate a friends birthday. Just as the drink was beginning to flow and we were starting to let our hair down, my poor girl started throwing up and has pretty much only just stopped. Watching your kids be ill is one of the most horrible things in the world but it has given me a bit of a respite from the usual attitude fuelled 9 year old and given me back a cute, cuddly Chick who just wants to sit on her Mama's knee.....I have to take the hugs and kisses where I can get them nowadays.

'The Man' came round last night and even though I looked like hell and smelt like sick he told me that I was gorgeous and that he adores me......that's definitely love as far as I'm concerned and made the whole week a little more bearable. TFI Friday and roll on a fabulous weekend!!!!
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