Saturday 14 January 2012

An oversharing post.....

(This post definitely has a classic case of miserableness and TMI so if you are one of my brothers you probably don't wanna read this and should stop now!!!)

For the last couple of days I have been utterly miserable and it isn't because anything particular has happened or because I'm depressed, I haven't fallen out with anyone.....I could blame it on any number of things.....

Like work being uber-stressful and having no apparent outlet to get rid of the stress.

It being January, being skint and it a miserable month anyway.

Chick's school  being completely ridiculous and never letting me know there is a problem until things have gone way too far and the situation is beyond repair.

The fact that my hearing has deteriorated again and my ears are driving me crazy! Back to the hospital this month (again!!)

The Man is awesome but the fact that he lives 40 miles away and works shifts is getting to be a regular pain in the arse :-(

I get that none of these things are life threatening but all together over a couple of days they have all added up to make me a miserable,emotional wreck! All compounded by another thing...... (here comes the TMI!!)

Back in November, I had the contraceptive implant inserted into my arm. I'd done my research before I had it inserted (but I obviously only retained the bits of research that suited me!!) and thought that everything would be absolutely fine. Well for the first 5 weeks it was and then on Christmas Eve I started my period and it hasn't stopped since!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, you read that correctly (and I know I'm oversharing but I'm going crazy here!!) I have been on my period for over 3 weeks! No wonder it has a success rate of can't ever have bloody sex!!!

Soooooooo yes, the last couple of days I have been feeling very sorry for myself until this afternoon when I found out that an old friend of mine is battling cancer. So now I've gone from feeling sorry for myself to raging at the damn world!!

What kind of sucky world lets a 30 year old with two young children suffer from cancer. What makes it worse it that she had a really tough upbringing and has been so happy in the last 5 years since she met her husband and had the girls and now she has this to deal with. On the plus side she's a fighter and certainly won't let the stupid C word beat her! 

Just hearing about it has made me realise again just how short life can be so I need to kick myself up the backside and start being grateful for all the amazing things that I have in my life instead of getting bogged down in day to day rubbish!!! I'm off to call 'The Man' and tell him and I love him and then I'm going to cuddle my girl x
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