Monday 2 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and wishes for a fabulous 2012 to all of you.

Back when I was a teenager and in my early Twenties, I always hit the Town on New Years Eve to eat, drink and be merry but always found it vastly overrated!! Since I've had Chick and it's a ridiculous amount of money to hire a sitter, I've found that it's the perfect excuse to stay in and actually enjoy new years eve!! This year we had a bit of a change of a plan and as a treat to ourselves, Chick and I decided that we would go to London and what an unbelievably fabulous weekend we had!!!

Saturday started with the very sad news that my best friend in the world had lost her Grandma (RIP lovely lady) and so with a heavy heart we got ready to go and see The Nutcracker at The Royal Opera House. This is Chick and I with my Sister - in -Law enjoying the ballet and raising a glass of champagne at RoH:

Because my Brother and Sister in Law are so awesome they offered to have Chick for the evening so that 'The Man' and I could stand around in the rain and watch the fireworks in London. I have to say that they were the most amazing fireworks I have ever seen in this Country. Something to do with the world watching us for the Olympics maybe??? But utterly awesome nonetheless:

How brilliant to be in one of the best Cities in the world, watching amazing fireworks, with the man you love. I truly feel blessed this weekend (and now I'll stop being a soppy tart!!!)

For Christmas, I bought Chick tickets to see The Lion King knowing that we would be in Town this weekend.  They were crazy about people not taking pictures but I did manage to get a couple:

What a fantastic show!! For the first song the cast enter the stage through the aisles!! Chick was just spellbound all the way through and kept telling me how completely amazing it was :-) 

It is probably the best New Years Eve ever....mainly because I spent it with some of the people I love most in the world!! Hope that you all had a happy and safe one!

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